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7 May 2015
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AG Law congratulates Alexis Gonzalez

AG Law congratulates Alexis Gonzalez for being selected for the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Emerging Leaders program.

6 March 2014
Business Law
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Business Transactions

An often overlooked priority when launching a new business, particularly when there are partners involved, should be to create an operating agreement. An operating agreement protects the business in the long-run by defining each partner’s responsibilities, how the business will be managed, and also addresses how a conflict of opinion will be resolved. When friends […]

30 December 2013
Education Law
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How an attorney can help you if you are the victim of Cyberbullying

It’s the year 2013, soon to be 2014, and with this technology age the classic problem at schools has turned to the internet. Cyberbullying is a term recently introduced to describe a new form of bullying. With the wide spread access to computers, social media, and e-mail, children and teens are potentially exposed to bullying […]

5 November 2013
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Top Rated Lawyer

AG Law congratulates Mr. Callison, who was selected in 2013 by Martindale-Hubbell and American Lawyer magazine as a South Florida Top Rated Lawyer in the area of Labor and Employment Law.

8 August 2013
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Labor and Employment Law – Independent Contractor or Employee?

“What?!? But he signed an independent contractor agreement!” Sound familiar? We hear it often when a claim for payroll taxes, unemployment insurance or workers’ compensation benefits is filed by/on behalf of someone who works/worked for one of our clients. Companies all too often rely on the existence of an independent contractor agreement to shield them […]

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